Our Founder - John Swendrowski

Swendrow PicCranberries Limited, Inc. ("CLI") was founded in 1983 by John Swendrowski. Swendrowski was a pioneer in the cranberry industry venturing into territory untouched by his predecessors.   Swendrowski became true competition in the cranberry marketplace – something never before seen in the industry.  He focused on bringing a healthy innovative juice brand to the marketplace and just as importantly, Swendrowski focused on job creation in and around the Wisconsin Rapids area. He was at the helm of the largest independent cranberry growing company in the world.  Through John's conglomerate of cranberry businesses, primary Northland Cranberries, he hired many people from across the country, as well as local people from various other career paths, into the cranberry family – many of whom are still thriving in the cranberry industry today.     After a valiant battle with cancer, John passed away in 2011.



Our CEO - Andrea Weiland

SwendrowskiAndrea11's daughter, Andrea, grew up in the cranberry industry - spending years on the marshes, attending industry conferences and watching as her father built the cranberry business - cranberries are in her blood.

Andrea joined Cranberries Limited, Inc. in 2007 as the Vice President of Finance.  Prior to returning to her hometown to work side by side with her father, Andrea worked her way around the finance and investment industries.    Andrea's days  in investment banking and restructuring advisory for fortune 100 companies were left behind when her father called with the news of his illness.    Andrea and her family moved from Chicago back to central Wisconsin to once again join the cranberry industry.  

Andrea worked closely with Swendrowski to plan the future of Cranberries Limited.    Andrea drove CLI in a new direction and began to foster unique long term relationships with one goal - provide the best possible fruit to our partners at the highest possible return to our growers.     Her innovative outlook has expanded CLI into new product lines, new partnerships and maintained strong grower relations.    




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